Upcoming Super-producer BENJAMZ has stamped his indelible imprint on the music scene since the mid-2009.  His production has helped create career-defining hits for a lot of artists, among many others.  Respected beyond the genres of urban and hip hop music, Benjamz, whose musical influences cross cultural lines, has also been sought by diverse artists whose music similarly knows no boundaries, from pop to afro hiphop and more..

1. Tell us about Benjamz?
Benjamz is a young  passionate Upcoming Super-producer who  has stamped his indelible imprint on the music scene since the mid-2009

2. Who taught you production and how long have you been into it?

Trust me many people will doubt this but nobody did,I studied and watch most of my music production courses online,when I was lot younger, I was always at the cafe when others are going for lectures,don’t tell my mum tho *laughs*. I started making beats at a very tender age,I could remember having a very giant desktop computer in my room then and will disturb the whole house with all kind of  sounds,and even forget to eat sometimes because am making beats,basically I learnt music production online,guess that’s probably why I know a lot about music production and theories. I also have about 1,500 music production softwares and vst\vsti plugings and have competed in many beat battle competitions abroad too.

3. You have the remake of “Surulere and The Kick” beat by Don Jazzy to your credit, how did you do that?
Urrrrm in music production, beat remake is one of the hardest part of beat making process cos it takes a good listener to figure out the instruments,the chords,the bpm, basically everything that the original producer did,I have done close to 20beat remakes and have few on my soundcloud page too ,we all know how good don jazzy is so I always pick some of his hit produced tracks and remake just to see what he went through making those records,meanwhile I will advice every producer to do so too,I mean even timberland and our own sarz does ..*laughs*,so you know how hard it is remaking a beat,is really hard 2get a perfect remake too

4. What inspires your production?
Believe me God does,it comes natural like minerals,hahaha,I mean I work straight to the studio and make  music,plus sometimes I could be somewhere and start humming and recording a  sound to my phone, and once I hit the studio, I lay it down ,the inspiration comes anywhere ,plus I love listening to basically every genre of sounds and sometimes my friends gets tired and complains of how often I use headphones,see,is just music,this is just my life

5. How does it feel being a producer in Enugu, what are your challenges?
Is really a privilege being a music producer here.lots of wonderful experiences .I have lot of challenges,cos music generally in nigeria is still growing,most people don’t even know what they want,some do music because others do,and at the end of the day dump the record without promoting it, we have talented artists here in enugu trust me,I mean look how far we’ve gone ,illbliss,Flavour,Phyno,waje,j.martin…lots  of them started here and trust me many more are still coming. My major challenge here is that most artist will not promote there song after much work we put together at the studio.

6. Which producer(s) do you look up to?

I have Lots of influences from 
Oldschool hiphop producers such as AFRICA BAMBADA, PRIEMIER and MARLEY MARL. NEW School Producers such as DR.DRE, Ryan Leslie ,KANYE WEST, JUST BLAZE,SWISS BEATS,DON JAZZY ,SARZ nd my man MasterKrafT just to name a few tho .

7. Name the artistes you have produced for? Trust me I have worked with a whole lot of known and upcoming artists ,I have worked with mod9,Ruggedman, and yung6ix,,and lot of upcoming artists too,let me not start calling their names before someone shoots me cos his name isn’t  here .*laugh* ,but basically almost all the upcoming artist here in Enugu

8. The artiste you will like to produce for in future?
Urrrrrrrm kanye west, Jayz and Beyounce 

9. Your best production?
I have no best production ,I make sure I put all my best in any art of work I do, be you upcoming or known artist, so basically I love all my jobs

10. Best studio you have worked with so far?  Maxibeat is a place to be..hahahahah nice studio ,nice reception, nice people,nice equipment,wonderful studio indeed

11. Major break as a producer?
  I don’t know  what you mean by major break through but from my own definition,my major break through should be  when I have all my jobs played everywhere in the country,and mean not only  one job but many jobs,and for now am still working.

12. Almost all the Enugu artistes that are huge in the music industry started as producers (Phyno, Wizboy, Dekumzy, J.Martins etc), are you nursing that feeling?
No ,not ,is music production and maybe a clothing line in the future,plus I forgot to add am an industrial physicist too*wink

13. Favourite place in Enugu and the street/hood you rep.?
I think my favourite place in Enugu should be the  Studio .hahahah

14. Facebook and twitter account?
Twitter : @benjamzillbeat
Facebook : Benjamz Nnonah\benjamzillbeats\benjamz

15. Final words.
In all you do don’t let no one pull you down,believe In yourself and stay creative .don’t let nobody tell you you aint using the best daw, is not about the daw, is about who is using it. and don’t forget it should be God first in everything..